Unit 1 – Exercicies

Pronouns and possesives

Copy and complete the chart


 I  me  mine
 you    your  
 he    his  
 she      hers
 we    our  
 you      yours
 they    their  


Choose the correct answer

  1. Please don’t look at my / mine
  2. Amy is in the classroom. That pencil is her / hers.
  3. My grandparents live in Spain. Their / Theirs house is huge.
  4. We’ve got a big house. That house is our / ours.

Complete the sentences below with the correct possessive adjectives or possessive pronouns.

  1. You’ve got two sisters. _________________ sisters are tall.
  2. It’s Sally’s birthday and ______________ party is tonight.
  3. My parents play tennis. Those rackets are __________________.
  4. I haven’t got a computer, but that phone is __________________.
  5. We are hungry. Is this _________________ pizza?
  6. John has got a cat. _______________ cat is in the house.

Complete the sentences with the correct object pronouns.

  1. The birds are hungry. Please give _______________ some food.
  2. Wait for me! I’m coming with _____________________.
  3. I can’t find my mobile phone. Have you got _______________?
  4. I don’t understand this exercise. Help ______________, please.
  5. I’ve got a sister, but I don’t like _________________ at all.
  6. We live here. Our grandparents live with ________________.
  7. Rick’s shoes are in my bag. Give them to _____________.

Choose the  correct answers.

  1. Oh, no! I can’t find ___________________ glasses. Can you help me look for them?
  2. my mine                      c. its
  3. Dad hasn’t got a blue pen. That isn’t _____________________.
  4. theirs b. his c. ours
  5. Lisa is tall and thin, and __________________ hair is beautiful.
  6. she hers                      c. her
  7. Our pet is cute. ______________ name is Snowy.
  8. my b. our           c. its
  9. Their house is very big. ____________________ is quite small.
  10. our b. ours                       c. theirs
  11. The boys are in the swimming pool. The sandals next to the swimming pool are _______________________.
  12. his b. their c. theirs
  13. This is my schoolbag. Where is ____________________?
  14. yours b. your c. its
  15. Jill and Andrew are at the clothes shop now. _____________ mum works there.
  16. They Their                     c. Theirs

Complete the sentences below with the correct possessive adjectives or possessive pronouns.

  1. Don’t take that schoolbag. It’s ______________________!
  2. Janet has got a dog. I don’t like ________________ dog.
  3. Have you got _______________ mobile phone here? Can I use it, please?
  4. Bill is happy because it’s _____________ birthday today.
  5. We’ve got a blue car. That red car isn’t _______________.
  6. I’m in Year 9. ______________ teacher is Mrs Doyle.

Change the noun(s) to subject pronouns.

man _________ dog ________ girls _______
people _________ woman ________ teachers _______
cat _________ Bob and Joe ________ women _______
dogs _________ man ________ students _______
parents __________ men ________ friends _______
girl __________ wife ________ uncle _______
you and I __________ tree ________ restaurant _______
pencil __________ Ann and you ________ socks _______


Change the subject noun(s) to subject pronouns.

My father is tall.                            He is tall.

My mother is short.                      She is short.

You and your friend are shy.      You are shy.

My uncle is married.                     He is married.

  1. My sister is thirsty. ___________________________________________
  2. My grandmother is old. _______________________________________
  3. The students are young. ______________________________________
  4. The restaurant is expensive. ___________________________________
  5. The dog is angry. ___________________________________________
  6. The cats are fat. ____________________________________________
  7. The city is big. ______________________________________________
  8. The girls are pretty. __________________________________________
  9. The sock is clean. ___________________________________________
  10. The socks are dirty. __________________________________________
  11. You and I are happy. _________________________________________
  12. You and your brother are sad. _________________________________
  13. The man is tired. ____________________________________________
  14. The men are rich. ___________________________________________
  15. The woman is quiet. _________________________________________
  16. The women are noisy. ________________________________________
  17. You and I are hungry. ________________________________________

Answer the questions with an object pronoun. Change the subject noun(s) to subject pronouns.

Do you live with your parents?                Yes, I live with them.

Do you argue with your sister?                No, I don’t argue with her.

  1. Do you like romantic movies?
  2. Do your parents know the teacher?
  3. Do her parents know you and Bill?
  4. Do your friends know your parents?
  5. Do you have your book?
  6. Do you help your mother?
  7. Do your classmates understand the teacher?
  8. Do you understand us?
  9. Do you know your classmates?
  10. Do you play with your brother?
  11. Do you help your grandparents?
  12. Do you understand Russian?
  13. Do you like snakes?
  14. Do you and Bill understand me?
  15. Do your friends like Maria? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
  16. Do you believe in ghosts?
  17. Do your friends like you?
  18. Do your friends understand you and Oscar?
  19. Do you understand this grammar?
  20. Do your grandparents visit you?
  21. How often do you brush your teeth?
  22. What time do you finish this class?
  23. When do you visit your grandfather?
  24. How often do you call your sister?
  25. Where do you buy your groceries?
  26. When do you do your homework?

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